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QuoteDB (Vulnerable TCP Server)

QuoteDB is a command line server which runs on Win32. It is vulnerable by design with the purpose of being an application to practice reverse engineering / exploit development on.

It is intended to be compiled with ASLR and DEP protections enabled. A compiled version with these enabled is in the releases section.

I created this program while taking the EXP-301 course to practice for the exam.


The intended way to approach this challenge is to download the .exe, and create an exploit which bypasses ASLR and DEP to give a reverse shell.

You should not look at the source code until solved, if you want to practice reverse engineering.

How to compile

To compile without any protections:

  • gcc main.c -o main.exe -l ws2_32

To compile with DEP:

  • gcc main.c -o main.exe -l ws2_32 -Wl,--nxcompat

To compile with ASLR:

  • gcc main.c -o main.exe -l ws2_32 -Wl,--dynamicbase

To compile with DEP + ASLR:

  • gcc main.c -o main.exe -l ws2_32 -Wl,--nxcompat,--dynamicbase

How to run

To run on the default port (3700):

  • .\main.exe

To run on a custom port:

  • .\main.exe -p PORT


A solution PoC script is included ( I recommend that you don't look at it until after solving the challenge, as it will spoil the fun.

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