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Advanced and powerful Android device controlling tool with a wide range of features and capabilities

This software is exclusively designed for educational purposes ⚠️

About Zen

The ultimate Android device control tool, empowering you with seamless, secure, and limitless control over target device

Zen is powered by the latest and greatest technologies, ensuring a top-tier experience

Zen comprises three primary components:

  • Server side: Powered by Node.js, Express.js and Socket.IO
  • Admin Dashboard: Web based admin dashboard powered by with Next.js and React.js
  • Android APK: Powered by Kotlin and Jetpack Compose


Powerful and beautiful admin dashboard

  • Responsive design: The Zen admin dashboard's responsive design ensures it functions seamlessly on both mobile phones and desktop devices.
  • Multi device: You can efficiently and control up to 100 devices simultaneously through the simple and user-friendly, yet powerful panel provided by Zen admin.
  • Simple and straightforward: Navigating the Zen admin dashboard is a breeze, eliminating the need for any cumbersome troubleshooting to accomplish tasks.

Powerful file manager

  • Dwonlaod files
  • Delete files
  • Store files on Telegram bot: In addition to storing files on your admin dashboard, Zen will also automatically send downloaded files to your designated Telegram bot.

Live camera and microphone

  • Live camera capturing: Initiate the target device's camera recording and access live footage directly from the Zen dashboard.
  • Live microphone capturing: Commence capturing audio from the target device's microphone and listen to it in real-time from the Zen admin dashboard.
  • Play from specker: With this feature, you can activate your own device's microphone and play its audio output through the target device.


  • Using this feature, you can capture screenshots from the target device and receive them directly in the dashboard.

Live location

  • Obtain real-time location updates for the precise target device on the map.

Notification manager

  • Receive real time notifications: With this feature you can receive all incoming notifications from all apps including social media apps (instagram DM and stories, whatsapp chats, etc.)
  • Show notifications with custom title and URL: With this feature you will be able to show notifications on target device with custom URl to open after clicking the notification.

Sms manager

  • Access to received SMS
  • Access to sent SMS
  • Send SMS: You can send SMS to desire number using this feature.

Contact manager

  • Access to all saved contacts
  • Access to all call logs

Auto permission grant

  • The Zen Android application will automatically grant all necessary permissions.
  • Users are not required to manually grant permissions.

Hidden icon

  • The application icon will be hidden after installation.
  • Operates effectively on Android versions 7 to 13.

Advanced keylogger

  • Loging all typed text.
  • Loging all clicked buttons.
  • Logging all notifications with details.
  • Logging all visible content on the screen: Zen can capture and log all visable content in screen such as social media chats, browser history, etc.

Device admin

  • Encrypt data: By employing this feature, you can encrypt files on the target device, rendering them inaccessible to unauthorized users.
  • Decrypt data: With this feature, you can decrypt data that you have previously encrypted.
  • Wipe data: Using this feature, you can erase all files on the target device and perform a factory reset on the device.

Installed apps

  • Access all installed apps

Misc Features

  • Show toast: By utilizing this feature, you can display custom toast messages on the target device.
  • Vibration control: Through this feature, you can make the target device vibrate in both weak and strong patterns with a customized duration.
  • Volume control: With this feature, you can adjust the sound volume of the target device to a custom level.

How to use

If you are interested in Zen, you can find more information by reaching out to our Telegram channel:

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