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Pull Request
In most cases, pull request resource is operated with pull request id, which is different from pull request number. To get pull request id of a particular pull request number, use the Query Basic Info operation with query for instance "Number" is "projectName#100"
Operation Http Method End Point
Get Basic Info GET /pulls/{requestId}
Get Labels GET /pulls/{requestId}/labels
Get Merge Preview GET /pulls/{requestId}/merge-preview
Get Assignments GET /pulls/{requestId}/assignments
Get Reviews GET /pulls/{requestId}/reviews
Get Comments GET /pulls/{requestId}/comments
Get Watches GET /pulls/{requestId}/watches
Get Updates GET /pulls/{requestId}/updates
Get Current Builds GET /pulls/{requestId}/current-builds
Get Changes GET /pulls/{requestId}/changes
Get Fixed Issue Ids GET /pulls/{requestId}/fixed-issue-ids
Query Basic Info GET /pulls
Create POST /pulls
Set Title POST /pulls/{requestId}/title
Set Description POST /pulls/{requestId}/description
Set Merge Strategy POST /pulls/{requestId}/merge-strategy
Reopen POST /pulls/{requestId}/reopen
Discard POST /pulls/{requestId}/discard
Merge POST /pulls/{requestId}/merge
Delete Source Branch POST /pulls/{requestId}/delete-source-branch
Restore Source Branch POST /pulls/{requestId}/restore-source-branch
Delete DELETE /pulls/{requestId}
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