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Easy and customisable pentest report creator based on simple web technologies.

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SysReptor is a fully customisable, offensive security reporting solution designed for pentesters, red teamers and other security-related people alike. You can create designs based on simple HTML and CSS, write your reports in user-friendly Markdown and convert them to PDF with just a single click, in the cloud or self-hosted!

Your Benefits

📝 Write in markdown
✏️ Design in HTML/VueJS
⚙️ Render your report to PDF
🚀 Fully customizable
💻 Self-hosted or Cloud
🎉 No need for Word

SysReptor Cloud

You just want to start reporting and save yourself all the effort of setting up, configuring and maintaining a dedicated server? Then SysReptor Cloud is the right choice for you! Get to know SysReptor on our Playground and if you like it, you can get your personal Cloud instance here:

🚀 Sign up here

SysReptor Self-Hosted

You prefer self-hosting? That's fine! You will need:

  • Ubuntu
  • Latest Docker (with docker-compose-plugin)

You can then install SysReptor with via script:

curl -s | bash

After successful installation, access your application at http://localhost:8000/.

Get detailed installation instructions at Installation.

Create finding from template

Export report as PDF

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