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Burp Suite is a useful tool used to do web application security testing. While Burp Suite provides a lot of functionalities, it does not offer the opportunity to scan for particular pattern or file extension inside HTTP messages and is very tedious to check every message manually. CYS4-SensitiveDiscoverer is a Burp Suite tool used to extract Regular Expression or File Extension form HTTP response automatically or at the end of all tests or during the test. The plugin will be available with a pre-defined set of Regular Expression and File Extension, but then you can choose which of them activate or deactivate and also create your own lists.

How to compile from source code

The extension was compiled with IntelliJ 2021.2.2, with OpenJDK version 16.0.1.

The BApp could be compiled with a Maven by following the below steps:

  1. View > Tool Windows > Maven
  2. On the new right panel expand the Lifecycle folder
  3. Double-click on install

Using Maven configuration will be generated a .jar file that will include all the dependencies.


To install CYS4-SensitiveDiscoverer manually, you have to:

  1. Download newest CYS4-SensitiveDiscoverer from the Release page
  2. Go to Extender -> Extension. Click Add. Set Extension type to Java. Set the path of the file download at step 1. inside Extension file (.jar)
  3. CYS4-SensitiveDiscoverer should appear inside Burp Extension list. Also you will see a new tab.


The default configuration has a list of regular expression and file extension. To see the predefined list go to Options TAB. Here you can choose which of them activate or not or you can choose to insert your own regular expression or file extension. For both of them there are a list of actions to interact with them The actions are:

  • Reset: the plugin will reset the default list of regular expression or file extension.
  • New: a pop-up will appear and offer the opportunity to insert a new regular expression or file extension.
  • Delete: after selecting a row, this will be deleted from the list.
  • Clear: the plugin will clear the list leave them empty.
  • Open: a pop-up will appear and offer the opportunity to insert in bulk a list of regular expression or file extension from a file.
  • Save: the plugin offer the possibility to save your custom list for future tests. After you have select your own desired configuration you can start to find sensitive informations inside HTTP messages. The plugin will be execute in two different modes:
  1. Analyze HTTP History: the plugin will parse all http history generated from that moment and it will find any active pattern
  2. Live: the plugin will parse request by request as the user will generates one from his web browser.


CYS4 was born in 2015 from a collaboration with an Israeli company in the world of Cyber Security, then detaching its team ensuring the focus on innovation and quality towards a national context.

Check out our blog for more information.


  • shhgit: Regex and File Extension database used in this project.
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