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obfus.h is a macro-only library for compile-time obfuscating C applications, designed specifically for the Tiny C (tcc). It is tailored for Windows x86 and x64 platforms and supports almost all versions of the compiler. Very reliable armor for your C programs!

  • 🔍 Function Call Obfuscation: Confuse function calls to make your code less readable to unauthorized eyes.
  • 🛡️ Anti-Debugging Techniques: Built-in mechanisms to prevent code analysis during runtime.
  • 🔄 Control Flow Code Mutation: Turns code into spaghetti, making it difficult to parse conditions and loops.
  • 🚫 Anti-Decompilation Techniques: Makes many popular decompilers useless visually breaking their output.
  • 😈 Fake Signatures Adding: Can add fake signatures of various packers and protectors to confuse reverse engineers.


Integrating obfus.h into your project is a simple process. Just include the following line in your code:

#include "obfus.h"

This will automatically obfuscate your code during compilation, ensuring protection and confidentiality of your intellectual property.

Available options for protection configuring:

// Additional options
#define cflow_v2       1  // More powerful Control Flow obfuscation (slowly!)
#define antidebug_v2   1  // Use better dynamic anti-debugging protection
#define fake_signs     1  // Adds fake signatures of various protectors or packers

// Disabling default features
#define no_cflow       1  // Don't use Control-Flow obfuscation
#define no_antidebug   1  // Don't build in debugging protection

or use it with compiler args:

tcc "app.c" -w  -D no_cflow  -D antidebug_v2  -D fake_signs

⚠️ When compiling an application with obfuscation, use the -w argument to suppress warnings. Otherwise, the console will display numerous intimidating logs that have no impact on the final result. There's no need to be alarmed by them.


// Let's obfuscate your code!

#include <stdio.h>

#define cflow_v2     1 // [+] ControlFlow v2
#define fake_signs   1 // [+] Fake signatures
#define antidebug_v2 1 // [+] AntiDebug v2
#define no_cflow     0 // [-] Disable ControlFlow
#define no_antidebug 0 // [-] Disable AntiDebug

#include "obfus.h"

void main() {
    char *out = malloc(256);

    strcpy(out, "Hello, world!");

    if (out) {
    } else {


The latest version of Tiny C (0.9.27) is recommended for use. Unfortunately, some versions of the compiler do not support the functionality needed to completely obfuscation.

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