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Caldera for OT Plugins

A collection of plugins that extend Caldera to the Operational Technology (OT) environment.

This repository contains all the Caldera for OT plugins as git submodules. As described in each individual plugin README, it is also possible to git clone a specific protocol plugin directly into the Caldera plugins directory, following the "Installation" guidance.

Install Caldera for OT Plugins

To install all the Caldera for OT plugins, use the recursive flag while cloning this repo:

git clone --recursive

Or, setup a specific plugin individually:

What are the Caldera for OT plugins?

The Caldera for OT plugins unify and expose open-source OT protocol libraries in the form of protocol specific plugins:

  • bacnet - for the Building Automation and Control Networks (BACnet) protocol
  • dnp3 - for the Distributed Network Protocol 3 (DNP3)
  • modbus - for the Modbus protocol

Each plugin contains the following documentation:

  • High-level
  • Source code specific (located under /src)
  • Caldera Field Manual documentation (located under /docs)

What is the motivation for the plugins?

The Caldera for OT plugins enable adversary emulation in the OT environment, which supports traditional Caldera use cases. For example, training and testing of operators and defenses.

Also see our presentation on Emulating Adversary Actions in the Operational Environment with Caldera (TM) for OT.


Please reach out to [email protected] with comments, questions, and to discuss collaboration opportunities.

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