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XML-RPC Vulnerability Checker and Directory Fuzzer

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This repository contains a versatile Bash script for assessing web application security. It offers two primary functionalities: XML-RPC vulnerability checking and directory fuzzing using the powerful "ffuf" tool.

Table of Contents


XML-RPC Vulnerability Check

  • Quickly assess whether a given URL is vulnerable to XML-RPC exploits.
  • Detects if the target's XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.
  • Provides clear and informative results for each operation.

Directory Fuzzing with ffuf

  • Utilizes the powerful "ffuf" tool to perform directory and page fuzzing.
  • Discover hidden directories, files, and endpoints on web servers.
  • Ideal for reconnaissance and identifying potential attack vectors.
  • Supports customizable wordlists for directory fuzzing.

Getting Started


  • A Linux-based operating system (tested on Ubuntu).
  • The "curl" and "ffuf" tools installed on your system.
  • Basic knowledge of web security and directory fuzzing.


  1. Clone this repository to your local machine:

    git clone
    cd XML-RPC-Check
    chmod +x
    ### Wordlists
    - [seclists] (
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