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📡 T r a x O s i n t

python version license

TraxOsint is an OSINT tool for track ip adress

😇 Abouts TraxOsint

TraxOsint is an open source tool based on the search for information on an ip address. TraxOsint uses several services, API to have more results and to be able to compare them afterwards to have a more precise result.

TraxOsint will never use your user agent to make requests 😎.

🔥 Features of script

  • fully async
  • asynchrone scraping
  • menu in cli format (commands)

🔥 Skills

  • checking ip valid or not
  • ping
  • checking open ports (8080, 80, 443) # you can add
  • checking if ip is affiliated with ProtonVPN
  • check if the ip is in a paste (Pastebin)
  • organization
  • a.s.
  • i.s.p.
  • hostname
  • continent
  • country
  • region
  • city
  • probabilities of the nearest places # based on API results
  • latitude # scraped of ipinfo
  • longitude # scraped of ipinfo
  • creation of map

modules Name | Domain |
| ------------------- | --------------------------------------
| Proton | | Pastebin | | Ip-api | | Ipinfo | | IpWhois |

🛠️ Requirements / Launch

For 💻 Windows:

$ git clone
$ cd ./TraxOsint
$ install.bat

For 🐧 Linux and others:

$ git clone
$ cd ./TraxOsint
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

📚 Usage:

usage: [-h] [ip]

positional arguments:
  ip          gives all the information TraxOsint is able to find

  -h, --help  show this help message and exit

For run 🚀:

$ python3

🗺️ Map generated:


🌞 More

✔️ / ❌ Rules

this tool was designed for educational purposes only and is not intended for any mischievous use, I am not responsible for its use.

📜 License

This project is License GPL v3 be sure to follow all rules 👍

💖 Thanks

If you like what i do, please subscribe 💖. And if you find this tool is useful don't forget to star 🌟

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