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🐁🐈 Phunter

python version license

πŸ˜‡β€ŠAbout Phunter

Phunter is a tool a very useful tool for finding information about a phone number

The hunting cat is able to find :

  • operator
  • possible(s) location(s)
  • line type
  • reputation
  • various scraped information
  • spammer or not
  • connect to amazon or not
  • owner


$ git clone
$ cd ./Phunter
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

🎲 Usage

usage: [-h] [-t [TARGET]] [-a [AMAZON]] [-p [PERSON]] [-f [FILE]] [-v] [-o [OUTPUT]]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t [TARGET], --target [TARGET]
                        get info by phone number
  -a [AMAZON], --amazon [AMAZON]
                        get confirmation whether Amazon linked by phone number
  -p [PERSON], --person [PERSON]
                        get owner of phone number with inversed annual (Page Blanche)
  -f [FILE], --file [FILE]
                        get info by a file containing phone numbers
  -v, --verify          check your version, update(s), services...
  -o [OUTPUT], --output [OUTPUT]
                        give a file to save the output (only with args: --amazon/-a , --person/-p)

Example usages:

  • $ python3 -t +33666666666 or with file $ python3 -f file.txt

  • $ python3 -a +33666666666 or with output $ python3 -a +33666666666 -o output.txt

Example results:

πŸ›‘ With option -p you will have to accept the conditions and refuse the notifications, you must be present when this option is executed


πŸ—Ώ Contributions

Make a pull requests with all the details needed to contribute

βœ”οΈ / ❌ Rules

this tool was designed for educational purposes only and is not intended for any mischievous use, I am not responsible for its use.

πŸ“œ License

This project is License GPL v3 be sure to follow all rules πŸ‘

πŸ’– Thanks

  • If you like what i do please subscribe πŸ’–. And if you find this tool is useful don't forget to star 🌟

πŸ’Ά Support me πŸ‘‡

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