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This repo contains the report and exploit of CVE-2023-36427, arbitrary physical memory corruption from the root partition on Windows. The details and exploit of the vulnerability are in the report sent to Microsoft.



  • July 2 - Sent a report to a friend of mine at Microsoft.
  • July 11 - Received a reply from a member of the team responsible for the issue.
  • August 8 - Received a proposal to make the disclosure date November 14.
  • August 9 - Agreed with the proposal.
  • November 14 - A fix released.
  • November 15 - Disclosed the issue. Notified that the issue was eligile for a 2000 USD bounty award.

Thanks MSRC for transparent communication, the engineering team for fixing this on time, and Andrea (@aall86) for helping me share the issue and connecting with the right folks within Microsoft.

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