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CVE-2023-27470 EoP via Arbirary File Deletion Exercise

This repository contains a local privilege escalation exercise that replicates CVE-2023-27470. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, find the vulnerability and get a SYSTEM Command Prompt! If you would like the jump to the solution, look at solution.txt. Read more about arbitrary file deletion vulnerabilities and its risks at Deleting Your Way Into SYSTEM: Why Arbitrary File Deletion Vulnerabilities Matter.

Author: Andrew Oliveau (@AndrewOliveau)

Exercise Set Up Instructions

  1. Use a Windows VM configured with 2 processors and 2 cores per processor
  2. Create C:\ProgramData\logs folder with elevated account and add log.txt into it
  3. Run CVE-2023-27470_Exercise.exe with elevated account. If you see "Error opening directory: 3", that is OK. Consider it a hint...

Optional: Create a protected file and/or folder with elevated account to test file deletion

Bonus: Run CVE-2023-27470_Mitigated.exe to test Microsoft's ProcessRedirectionTrustPolicy mitigation policy.

Building Yourself

Should you choose to compile it yourself, use the provided CVE-2023-27470_Exercise.sln Visual Studio project and make sure your are using Windows SDK version 10.0.20348.0.

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