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CVE-2022-33942 _ Bypassing Intel DCM’s Auth by Spoofing Kerberos and LDAP

Intel’s Data Center Manager Console is a real-time monitoring and management all-in-one console that allows you to manage your entire data centre.

This small series of two blog posts covers an entire vulnerability chain to go from unauthenticated user to full remote code execution against Intel’s Data Center Manager (up to version All described issues were found purely based on a source code review of the decompiled application.

The chain’s first vulnerability bypasses DCM’s entire authentication process if the application is configured to allow authentication from Active Directory groups with publicly known SIDs. Since Intel’s DCM only relies on the SID and there’s no validation of the given active directory service, it is trivially easy to force the application to communicate with an arbitrary Kerberos/LDAP server. The arbitrary server then answers the authentication requests from Intel’s DCM by simply returning a successful authentication, including a known/matching SID. This ultimately allows authenticating using any user with any password and any Active Directory domain.

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