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This repository contains a PoC for local privilege escalation of CVE-2022-1015, a bug in the nf_tables component of the linux kernel that I found. You can read a detailed analysis of this vulnerability and the exploitation strategy over at my blog.

Right now, the exploit is a bit messy. Sorry!

Affected versions

Kernels after commit 345023b0db31 (v5.12) but before commit 6e1acfa387b9 (v5.17) are vulnerable.


This exploit is extremely unlikely to pop a root shell for a given vulnerable kernel. You will have to experiment with chain hook locations (input vs output etc.), nft_bitwise address leak offsets, and ROP gadget and symbol offsets. I tested on 5.16-rc3+ and had to seriously change my exploit for a kernel build compiled with a different gcc version.

That said, with all the information given in my blog post I think altering the exploit for a given vulnerable kernel should be doable.

Building instructions

Simply run make, and a pwn executable should pop up in the source dir. You will need libmnl and libnftnl developer packages, as well as linux headers of the target.

You can explicitly specify kernel headers to use with e.g. make CFLAGS="-I/path/to/linux-tree/usr/include".



This code is distributed under the Beerware license. I am not legally responsible for anything you do with it.

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