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  • Buffer_Helper it's tool help for Test classic Buffer overflow vulnerability .

  • write by python 2.7

Required Library

  • to Target http Service login page 'sync Breeze ' run flowing command
  • pip install requests

how to use


  • this screenshot 'sync Breeze Exploit'

  • after the Exploit is successful the Buffer_helper will auto write output file have the ready Exploit

Required Software / Setup


  • added one module subprocess to call msfvenom to generate shellcode use subprocess call msfvanom
    • set listener msfconsole or netcat
    • auto cat msfconsole and set all variable auto
    • Label the steps
    • handle error and bugs

  • use ./ -c off 'to set color off to use the code with out color'
  • ./ -c off

Over view

  • thank you
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