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APCLdr: Payload Loader With Evasion Features


  • no crt functions imported
  • indirect syscalls using HellHall
  • api hashing using CRC32 hashing algorithm
  • payload encryption using rc4 - payload is saved in .rsrc
  • Payload injection using APC calls - alertable thread
  • Payload execution using APC - alertable thread
  • Execution delation using MsgWaitForMultipleObjects - edit this
  • the total size is 8kb + the payload size
  • compatible with LLVM (clang-cl) Option


  • Use Builder to update the file, that'll be the encrypted payload to be saved in the .rsrc section of the loader
  • Compile as x64 Release


  • Change Linker>SubSystem from /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS to /SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE
  • Set the loader in debug mode (uncomment this)
  • build as release as well

Thanks For:

Tested with cobalt strike && Havoc on windows 10

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